Thai Traditional Massage
Thai Traditional Massage

Thai Traditional Massage

Thai Orchid Massage offers traditional Thai massage in Elwood for locals looking for a relaxing massage experience. Thai massage has its origins in India 2,500 years ago. Thought of as a healing art, it combines Indian Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine. The protocols of Thai traditional massage are quite different to more contemporary massage techniques such as Swedish or relaxation massage. You don’t lie down on a massage bed, and oil isn’t always used. While oil can be used if preferred, traditionally the skin is dry during a Thai massage. If you wish to have your body covered in oil as part of the massage, you will need to request a traditional Thai oil massage.

When getting a traditional Thai massage in Melbourne, you’ll lay down on a mat with your clothes still on while the masseuse stretches, pulls and rocks your body to open channels of energy, aiding relaxation, flexibility and circulation. Traditional Thai deep tissue massage is occasionally also called assisted yoga.

What is the Difference between Thai Traditional Massage and Oil Massage?

Traditional Thai oil massage is conducted in a different way to Thai traditional massage. Like many other forms of massage, Thai oil massage is done on a massage table, and the acupressure points can be directly stimulated through touch. Traditional Thai oil massage is softer and gentler on the body and more relaxing on the mind. The oils may be pleasant to smell during the massage.

The Benefits of Thai Traditional Massage

There are quite a lot of purported benefits to Thai traditional massage, including:

May Help Relieve Headaches

If you are interested in trying a non-pharmaceutical solution to headaches and migraines, then give Thai pressure point massage a try. By relaxing your body tension is relieved, which may help to alleviate headaches and migraines without heavy medication.

May Reduce Back Pain

Studies have shown that Thai traditional massage may reduce the feeling of back pain over many sessions. This can be helpful if you wish to treat back pain without relying on high doses of medication. However, you might need to try both approaches concurrently, and make sure you always take the advice of your doctor.

May Aid Joint Stiffness

Traditional Thai massage in Melbourne can help to reduce joint stiffness and pain. If you haven’t tried Thai traditional massage before and you’re experiencing pain in your joints, it could be worth a try.

May Increase Flexibility and Movement

If you have limited flexibility and movement, you may benefit from a Thai traditional massage. This is due to the way Thai massage can improve blood flow, delivering more oxygen to the muscles. Improved speed and agility can be other benefits of traditional Thai massage in Elwood.

May Reduce Anxiety

If you’re looking to feel calmer in your everyday life, then Thai traditional massage could be a good option. Although it’s a more energetic form of massage, the focus on clearing energetic pathways and relieving tension may help to reduce anxiety.

May Improve Energy Levels

The whole body, yoga-like movements of Thai massage are reported to often rejuvenate as well as relax participants. At times when you feel fatigued, it can be a good idea to partake in Thai traditional massage for its invigorating feeling.

Areas We Service

Thai Orchid Massage is located in Elwood and services Elwood and surrounding areas, such as:

  • St Kilda
  • St Kilda East
  • Balaclava
  • Ripponlea
  • Elsternwick
  • Brighton

Looking for Thai Traditional Massage?

If you’re looking for an authentic Thai traditional massage, look no further than Thai Orchid Massage. Our practitioners are highly experienced in Thai traditional massage so you can get the most benefit from it. Call us today on (03) 9531 1378 to book an appointment.

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