Relaxation Massage
Relaxation Massage

Thai Relaxation Massage

Calm your senses with a soothing gentle massage at Thai Orchid Massage to refresh and relax your whole body. A Thai relaxation massage is named aptly, as it’s designed to create relaxation in your body. A relaxation oil massage uses pressure at your chosen level, and the oil adds a sensory dimension to the experience. While a relaxation massage in Elwood doesn’t have the same pain relieving function of a remedial massage, it’s still highly therapeutic and perfect for unlocking stress within the body and mind. Thai relaxation massage can also help to lessen anxiety, as it works to compose and bring serenity to the nervous system. After a relaxation oil massage, your whole body will feel loosened and relaxed.

The Benefits of a Relaxation Oil Massage

There are many benefits of relaxation oil massage. Here are some of them:


The most obvious benefit of a relaxation oil massage is, of course, relaxation. By manipulating the body in certain ways, and with the addition of oil, all tension slips away. Thai relaxation massage works on both the physical and mental realms, allowing you to think more clearly and enjoy a lighter mental state following the massage.

Better Sleep

When you have a Thai relaxation massage, you can undo all the knots of stress and ill-ease that have accumulated throughout your daily life. As your body becomes suppler, you’ll feel more relaxed at bedtime when you’re trying to sleep. It’s much harder for insomnia to take hold when your whole body is light and ready to sleep.

Less Tension

The process of Thai relaxation massage is perfect for easing tension in your body. Both your mind and body will let go of stress, making it easier to sleep and even perform your everyday tasks without tension related complains such as headaches and neck aches.

Who is Thai Relaxation Massage Suitable For and Not Suitable For?

Our Thai relaxation massage is for those:

  • Who are having a stressful time
  • Who are feeling burnt out
  • Who would like some self-care
  • Who need to improve their sleep
  • Who seek balance between body and mind
  • Who are relatively healthy

Our Thai relaxation massage is not for those:

  • Who have inflamed skin
  • Who have outbreaks of acne
  • Who have had an injury
  • Who have had surgery
  • Who are pregnant
  • Who have a contagious condition
  • Who have implants or stents
  • Who have a blood clot

Where Can I Get a Relaxation Massage Near Me?

You can find us at 72 Ormond Road, Elwood. We offer relaxation massage in Elwood and surrounds, including:

  • St Kilda
  • St Kilda East
  • Balaclava
  • Ripponlea
  • Elsternwick
  • Brighton

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If you’re looking to enjoy a relaxing massage, visit Thai Orchid Massage today. We can fill you in on all that we offer and happily recommend an appropriate relaxation massage in Elwood to help you. Want to feel more relaxed today? Call us on (03) 9531 1378.

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