Pregnancy Massage
Pregnancy Massage

Thai Massage for Pregnancy

Thai Orchid Massage offers pregnancy massage in Elwood to help replenish the mind and body of the expectant mother during her pregnancy. By targeting specific pressure points, the muscles are loosened and areas that are carrying extra weight (the legs, feet and back) are softened. Our Thai massage for pregnancy helps to rejuvenate the body of any mum to be. We know that during pregnancy, your body is working hard to nourish your little one inside. For the health of your unborn baby, our pregnancy massage in Elwood works to de-stress you, keeping your body calm so that stress hormones are kept at bay. Pregnancy can be a tiring time, but Thai massage for pregnancy can be just what you need for a little pick me up and self-care time just for you. Our expertly trained therapists can offer you pregnancy massage right up to your due date. We know how to accommodate your beautiful growing body so you will be in perfect comfort and safety.

The Benefits of Pregnancy Massage in Elwood

There are many benefits of pregnancy massage, including:

May Relieve Anxiety

When your body is all tied up in knots, it usually means your mind is highly anxious too, as your being is a holistic system. Our pregnancy massage in Elwood works on your pressure points to relieve tension and encourage relaxation of the body and mind. All massage involves the beneficial experience of human touch, providing a feeling of connection that’s great for mental health.

May Alleviate Dizzy Spells

Dizzy spells can be very disconcerting, and can be brought on by stress or other medical conditions. Our Thai massage for pregnancy may alleviate symptoms of dizzy spells by anchoring you into your body through grounding flowing strokes and kneading handwork.

May Reduce Backaches

When we use the pressure points of your body during pregnancy massage in Elwood, many aches and complaints can be minimised. This is because we’re removing tension from the body, which is the very thing that causes aches.

May Assist with Leg Pain

When you’re carrying a baby in your body, you’re supporting the weight of more than just one person, so it makes sense that you may experience leg pain. By focusing on special points in the body that determine the flow of energy, leg pain can be minimised.

Things to Keep in Mind

No stomach rub – Avoid having your stomach rubbed, as pressure on that area can be uncomfortable for pregnant women.

Don’t lay on your back – Are you in the second half of your pregnancy? Be careful not to lay on your back while the massage occurs, as the mass of your baby plus uterus can put stress on blood vessels and impede circulation to your placenta.

Light on the legs – It’s important to only do light massage on the legs, as pregnant women are prone to blood clots and deep tissue work can dislodge them. This is the only area where it’s necessary to limit the depth of the massage.

Where Can I Get Pregnancy Massage in Elwood?

Thai Orchid Massage is located at 72 Ormond Road, Elwood. We service the local area and surrounds, including:

  • St Kilda
  • St Kilda East
  • Balaclava
  • Ripponlea
  • Elsternwick
  • Brighton

If you live in one of these nearby areas, we would be happy to help you with our pregnancy massage in Elwood. Do make sure you inform us that you’re pregnant before you come in for your massage so we can best accommodate your needs.

Make an Appointment for Thai Massage for Pregnancy Today

If you’re looking to get a Thai massage for pregnancy, make an appointment at Thai Orchid Massage today. Our practitioners are highly experienced and knowledgeable, enabling us to provide the deep relaxation you crave. Call us today on (03) 9531 1378.

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